November 17, 2016

Car tyres are part of your car’s identity, the brand you use is an indicator of your financial status. So much of your car’s performance, fuel efficiency, mileage and comfort depends on the health of the tyres that it becomes imperative to take good care of their health and longevity. Ideally, six conditions affect the longevity of the tyres of your car:

  1. Tyre pressure: Over-inflated and under-inflated tyres both lead to poor tyre efficiency and make them lose life by putting them at risk for overheating and cuts respectively. Maintenance of the precise tyre pressure is vital to their long and fruitful life.
  2. Speed factor: Speedsters, beware! Too much driving at high speed on any kind of terrain can cause tyres to get overheated. Heat exposure destroys tyres from the inside out.
  3. Alignment: Excessive suspension in shock absorbers and improper wheel alignment sends wrong signals to the engine. Tyres suffer the brunt of this negligence and they become victim to excessive wear and tear over time.
  4. Driving style: If you are an aggressive, hasty driver most of the days, remember that you are constantly wreaking havoc on the tyres. They are taking the burden of your careless driving and are suffering constant, though slow, damage.
  5. Positioning: It is a less known fact that the front tyres suffer greater and faster damage due to being out in movement by the steering wheel.
  6. Load: It is understandable for even novice drivers that overloading the vehicle can and will cause extensive wear and tear to the tyres and will take months off their lifetime.

If your tyres are getting a little old or they just haven’t been checked for a while, get the team at Auto Super Shoppe Te Awamutu to check the pressure and condition when next you are in the workshop.