May 12, 2016

If you’re looking for a WoF in Te Awamutu, then there’s only one place to call. As part of the Auto Super Shoppe group, you know you can trust us for reliable, professional, friendly and exceptional customer service.

What is a Warrant of Fitness?

To sum it up, a Warrant of Fitness is basically an overall check up of your car. In order to make sure it’s road worthy, a certified mechanic will go through a comprehensive checklist of things that need to be working to a satisfactory standard.

These include such things as:

• Condition of your tyres (tread & pressure)
• Brakes
• Body condition (rusty cars are not allowed in a few areas)
• Lights (headlights and brake lights)
• Windscreen transparency
• Doors
• Seatbelts
• Working air bags
• Speedometer
• Steering
• Suspension
• Exhaust
• Fuel system

Only a qualified mechanic in a certified workshop can give you a Warrant of Fitness. Auto Super Shoppe Te Awamutu are fully certified by the New Zealand Transport Agency to issue WoFs. Our mechanics are highly experienced, with a friendly and trustworthy opinion.

Because you are required by law to have a WoF in Te Awamutu, if you are pulled over whilst driving and can’t produce yours, then you may be in trouble. A standard of quality is essential for each car on our roads, because it’s not just your own life you’re putting in danger, it’s everyone else out there too.

So if you’re due a WoF in Te Awamutu, pop in and see us. Our friendly staff will be only too happy to help.