October 2, 2015

Car brakes are the nervous systems of the vehicle. Brake failure can cost you dearly in terms of safety and repairs as well. All said and done, brakes are one of the most neglected parts of the car. The main reason is they are very efficient in their functioning and never really breakdown because they are built that way. However, one has to check the car brakes regularly to avoid serious brake repairs.

If you face difficulties in identifying brake-related problems, use the following pointers.

  1. The brake pedal vibrates when you apply moderate pressure. This could be a problem with the disc rotor.
  2. Even after applying steady pressure on the brake pedal, it drops gradually to the floor. This is a sign of faulty brake cylinder. But it can also occur due to presence of air in the system.
  3. You have to exert a lot of force to push down the brake pedal. This is a sign of problems with the brake booster.
  4. The brake is extremely elastic and goes to the floor with no resistance. This could mean a defective brake master cylinder or a leak has sprung in the brake hose.
  5. Brakes locking up at slow speeds is an indication of a leak in the wheel cylinders.
  6. There is a burning odour from the brakes when you stop the car. The reason for this is a sticking caliper.
  7. You hear a squealing sound when you apply moderate pressure on the brakes. This is an indication the brake pads need replacement, as they are worn out.
  8. Your brakes take a long time to engage even after you press down the pedal at the appropriate

time. This means brake pads need to be adjusted or you may have to replace them, as they are worn out.

  1. You hear a loud grinding sound when the brakes are applied. This could mean the brake pads have worn out completely and need to be changed at once.
  2. The car moves to one side when you apply the brakes. This is an indication the brake calipers are not functioning properly.

Do not neglect brake repairs, as your safety and life depends on it. Any sign of brake problem should be addressed immediately. Only let a qualified and experienced mechanic, from Thomson Motors, repair your vehicle’s brakes.