September 26, 2017

What is the different between a WoF and a Vehicle Service in Te Awamutu?

 Yes, that’s right, there is a difference between the two. Just because you have an up to date Warrant of Fitness does not mean that you won’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road. A WoF simply can’t replace your regular vehicle service in Te Awamutu. Think of it like this, a Warrant of Fitness is a basic fix, a check to make sure your car is functioning enough to not cause any danger to other cars. A Warrant of Fitness does not look deep into the roots of your car to deal with the small problems, but simply skims over the surface.

To ensure your car is looked at properly make sure you get a vehicle service in Te Awamutu by the friendly team at Auto Super Shoppe Te Awamutu. With every vehicle service, the team does more than just a surface level check but look for the deeper problems that can help save you time and money. During a vehicle service in Te Awamutu look at your oil filters, fan belts and so much more. If small issues are not dealt with promptly then you could be asking for trouble and a very sad bank account.

How often should your car be serviced?

Estimating how often a vehicle service should be carried out can be a tricky task, it is relative. It is relative to the age of the car or the number of kilometres it has on the clock. If you are using more than 10000km per year or your car exceeds the 10-year mark then you should be getting your car serviced every 6 months. If your car is newer or you use it less frequently than once a year will be enough. Let’s be honest, taking your car for a vehicle service every 6 months is so much more worth the effort than dealing with an even bigger problem a few years down the track.

To find out more information about getting a vehicle service in Te Awamutu then give the team at Auto Super Shoppe Te Awamutu a call on 07 871 7311.