October 2, 2015

Safe driving means focusing on the road and having a completely healthy, working brake system. If your brake system is not working the way it should, you need to visit the Auto Super Shoppe Te Awamutu workshop to get it fixed. This is one repair that you should not delay, as your safety depends on a properly working brake system.

Which Components Require Brake Repairs?
There are three main components that make up your braking system. These are the brake pads, calipers and rotors.

The brake pads press against the rotors, which help rotate the tyres, and this friction causes the rotors to slow down, thereby slowing down your vehicle. The calipers encases the brake pads and rotors and it is a hydraulic piston that push the brake pads against the rotors when the brake pedal is pushed.

Over a period of time, it is common for these three components to wear. While the brake calipers do not wear like the brake rotors and pads, a problem can occur in the hydraulic piston, such as springing a leak or getting stuck.

Brake Repair Basics
When you take your vehicle for brake repair, the first thing the mechanic checks is brake pads. Thereafter the rotors and calipers are checked. Rotors need to be of a certain thickness. If they are within the specified range, usually they are resurfaced and reused. Every time you get a brake repair done, make sure the mechanic resurfaces the rotors. If not, they can warp when your brake pads are replaced. The most expensive component of your brake system is the brake caliper. Finding a problem with the caliper requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Usually, calipers develop a problem in the piston and will need to be replaced.