brakes Warrant of Fitness Testing & Repairs

Staying safe on the road

Having a current WOF (Warrant of fitness) is a legal requirement if you’re driving on New Zealand’s roads.

But it’s also an opportunity to perform a regular vehicle safety check that ensures your vehicle is safe to transport you and your family and prevent potential disasters.

The qualified team at Auto Super Shoppe Te Awamutu have many years’ experience and can perform a WOF inspection quickly and easily without compromising your safety.

In fact, most WOF tests can be completed while you take a short coffee break.


WOF Tips:

While some components such as tyres may ‘pass’ at the time of testing, sometimes it pays to pop back in for a quick safety check in between tests, just before a road trip, just before winter driving or if you have any concerns.

Your safety is our priority.
Try to time your WOF test to coincide with your regular servicing to save time.

Simple stuff - let us know if you want failed components such as indicator lights replaced during testing to avoid re-tests.

Ensure your boot is empty.
Technicians need to check your spare tyre and an empty boot will save you time.

We love animals but please leave your pet at home or take them for a walk during testing.

If you have a child restraint seat it will need re-fitted after testing.

Who needs a WOF?

Privately owned vehicles up to 3500kg including cars, SUV’s, motorcycles and all trailers. Vehicles over this weight require a COF. For fast, efficient WOF testing in Te Awamutu, book a WOF with us below.

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